Sunday, January 24, 2016

Fashionista's Escapades: Sungai Chiling

So I've decided to mix my exercise routine with some recreational activities and yesterday we decided to go on a short hike/ jungle trek and a picnic at Sungai Chiling, located at Kuala Kubu Bharu, Selangor.

The drive took about a little over an hour and when we arrived at Sungai Chiling, the place was already packed with visitors. Since we were already there, we decided to join in the crowd. Here's a short photoblog of my trip:

The entrance to Sungai Chiling.

After a 5-minutes trek from the entrance, you'll arrive at this small clearing. Do register yourself at the office (located next to that red car). Entrance fee is RM1 per person. And if you bring food/ drinks, there's a rubbish deposit (just to make sure you'll bring them back and the deposit will be refunded back to you).

A map of the route to the waterfall. In my opinion, you need not reach the top. Just stop where you feel comfortable and where the depth of the river suits your swimming/ picnic needs.

Sungai Chiling.

Your trek starts after the wooden suspension bridge. Your trek/ path is to your left, not straight.

Trekking to the top is relatively easy. With an incline of only about 10 - 15%, there were even pregnant ladies and kids as young as 2 years old trekking along the way.

The most interesting part about this journey is that you have to cross the river 6 times before you reach the top. There will be signs along the way, so don't worry.

Crossing the river. At some parts, the water was up to the waist!

As Sungai Chiling is a fish sanctuary, there were a lot of fishes in the water. 

Another crossing.

After the 6th crossing, we finally made it to the top part of the waterfall. Woot! Woot!

And there were a lot of people at the top. So do come early if you want the best seats in the house.

There were six of us on this trip =).

Since, there were too many people at the top, we decided to look for a suitable place further down the waterfall. The guys were having a competition on who would be able to hold on the longest in the water without floating away with the currents.

The view from where I sat.

Another view of the waterfall from where I sat =).

Me, myself and I. The guys behind me were also holding a competition to see who would be able to withstand the currents the longest.

Heading back. Crossing over the river on a log.

Me and the fishes. One of my favourite moments at Sungai Chiling =).

We had a great time at Sungai Chiling. It's a great place for a picnic with the family and kids. The hike to the top took maybe only about an hour (or less) and along the way, there's plenty of spots along the river where you can stop and have a picnic if you don't want to go all the way to the top. 

To new adventures and beautiful Malaysian moments =). 

xoxo Mrs Fashionista

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