Sunday, May 24, 2009

Fashionista goes academic

Truth be told, I have a secret. Before you start wondering don't everyone has one, I'd have to get the matter straight that I'm going to reveal what my BIG SECRET is. I know, I know, why say it's a secret and then say what it is anyway? But that's the purpose of secrets now isn't it? It's so much fun to share them with others *wink*.

Anyway, I have been on this hush hush project for about 2 months. I didn't want to say anything about it earlier because I didn't want to jinx it. I was afraid that it wouldn't be completed. However, as of now, I only have about 4 chapters left (I'm trying to complete one today so that there's only three left by tomorrow) out of an original 15 chapters. I really can't believe that it is ALMOST FINISHED! I am sooo relieved. So, by the first week of June, I'll be showing the first draft of my paper (with all chapters fully completed) to Prof KJ (not Khairy Jamaluddin mind you) and will update y'all on what happens soon!


xoxo Fashionista in Action xoxo

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