Friday, March 16, 2012

Food in Borneo: Elephant Cafe and Bistro

There's this place that I always frequent that serves good western food, Elephant Cafe and Bistro somewhere in Petanak (not far from Hock Lee Centre). The cafe looks nondescript on the outside, you'll recognize it from the tiny blue signage outside of the cafe; it's right next to this Chinese restaurant that has dragon's encircling its columns. 

The menu

Caesar Salad. It's served with tuna-like cream, parmesan cheese and croutons and hard boiled egg. Salads start at RM8 if I'm not mistaken.

Sunday Lunch. 

Caesar Salad and Mushroom Soup (that's my usual staple food at Elephant though I've been told that the Mixed Grill is equally yummy).

Met my aunt and her uni-mates while we were here. 

If you're opting for dessert, I'd recommend you this, Chocolate Delight (if I'm not mistaken). It's actually heated chocolate brownies served with ice-cream.

Mushroom Soup

Cajun Fish

Bread Butter Pudding

Seriously, Elephant is that yummy. Prices are very reasonable, though it's not as cheap as your usual pop-and-mom shop but just a wee bit pricier. Why don't try it out someday?

To food and even more glorious food.

xoxo Mrs Fashionista


  1. slm.,,r u sure this place halal...

    1. Hi, if you're asking whether this cafe is certified halal by Jakim then I'm not sure whether they have the certification or not. But I am sure that they don't serve pork and some of their staffs are Muslims, so that is acceptable to me =).