Saturday, September 28, 2013

Halal Food at Nami Island, Seoul

We recently went on a trip to Seoul, Korea (hopefully I'll have time to write a few posts on my trip there) and here's my first post on a halal outlet located in Seoul at Nami Island (made famous by the Korean drama, Winter Sonata). 

Nami Island is a man-made island not far from Seoul, named after the late General Nami who was buried there. Although I am not really a Korean drama fan (nor am I a K-pop fan unfortunately) but since we were in Seoul, we decided to take a trip to the island. 

The island itself is rather small, you can simply walk your way around the island so it was definitely rather easy for us to explore the island. Previous googling efforts informed me that there is a halal outlet in Nami Island and we decided to check it out =). 

Since Nami Island is an island *duh*, there are two ways of getting to the island, one is via the ferry and another is using something like a cable car (I forgot the name of the contraption, sorry). The ferry ride (which we opted for costed KRW8,000 for tourists; make sure you have your passport with you when buying the ferry tickets). 

Anyway, back to the focus of this post, halal food at Nami Island. There's a few food outlets at the island but there's only one offering halal food. It's located adjacent to the Nami Library, so it's pretty much easy to find (psst: Nami Library is located in the middle of the island, walking there from the entrance of the island takes roughly about 15 minutes). 

Here's the library building. There's a musolla at the library for prayers, located at the first floor. The food outlet is not located inside this building, but rather adjacent to it. So you have to walk to the right side of the building and you can find several chair and tables, there's a small entrance to the restaurant. 

Here it is. The halal logo is pretty visible from the outside. I'm afraid I did not catch the name of this restaurant though.

The restaurant is decorated like a small cafe, there's the cashier and right next to it is where they prepare the meals. The menu is on the wall above the cashier along with the price of the food. 

Here's the kitchen where they prepare the meals. It's pretty much a small operation where the food is self-service, so after you've ordered, do be alert for your food as they'll call out once it's ready for pickup. 

The food is prepared in a metal box, where it's a hodgepodge of rice, spices, and the main dish and we have to shake the box before eating to make sure all the spices will be mixed with rice and its flavors absorbed by the rice. 

Here's how the food looks like after being shaken. 

The menu of this cafe is rather limited but we're happy with what they offer. After all, it is the only food outlet in Nami Island offering halal food, so we ate whatever they served. The prices of their food are from KRW 4,000 onwards (roughly about RM12 onwards) which is not that cheap compared to Malaysian standards, but we did find on our trip that food in Korea tend to be rather pricey (or maybe it's just a case of halal food that tends to be slightly pricey perhaps).

If you're interested to get to Nami Island, here's some info on how to get there [click here] and a blog post on the island [click here].

xoxo Mrs Fashionista