Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Fashionista's Escapades: Colmar Tropicale

A few days ago we decided to visit Colmar Tropicale, a tourist spot in Bukit Tinggi, Pahang which was built based on a village in France, called Colmar. Colmar Tropicale is about an hour's drive away from Kuala Lumpur (or about 53 km from where I stay) so we decided to just make it into a day trip instead of an overnight trip. 

And here's a photoblog of our trip:

About 10 km of windy road after you leave the Karak Highway.

We're almost there! We were charged RM13 per adult and RM8 per child for the entrance fee to the resort (although Alexa's fee was waived because I guess she's too small). However, parking is free.

I love the medieval feel that Colmar is projecting. Lucky for us, there weren't that many tourists when we arrived in the afternoon. 

The town square. In terms of temperature, as the resort lies on high ground, the weather is cool and breezy, definitely perfect weather for an afternoon stroll. The ground floors are filled with business establishments, mainly consisting of restaurants and a couple of souvenir shops while the upper floors are hotel rooms for guests.

The resort is definitely picturesque.

Christmas tree. 

Water fountain.

Beautiful blue sky. I kind of regretted not bringing some overnight clothes. It would have been nice to spend the night here. 

I don't have much knowledge on French architecture, but these look pretty French to me =). Anyways, this trip kinda inspired me to visit the actual village in France someday. 

Us. And Alexa, if you're reading this someday, this is one of the best poses of you that I had on camera. 

One of my highlights of the trip (and I hope Alexa's feeling the same way as I do) is that I get to introduce Alexa to swans. Colmar Tropicale have two pairs of swans, one white pair and another black pair. 

Alexa was like, "Hello swan."

There are several attractions nearby Colmar Tropicale. Other than the resort itself, there's an Adventure Park which offers wall climbing, hanging canopy bridge, and flying fox activities. Besides that, there's a Japanese Garden, a horse riding area, golf club and jungle trekking for the hotel guests. As it was quite late in the afternoon, we only had time for the Japanese Garden before leaving for Kuala Lumpur.

The Malaysia that I love. Green trees, blue sky, hills and mountains. 

Moss covered grounds at the Japanese Garden.

A small stream and some koi fishes.

Yes, the sun was shining, but it wasn't that hot. The air was cool and breezy. 

Tatami hut.


The Tatami Hut up close.

Alexa even managed to see a monkey at the Japanese Garden (monkeys are her current favorite animal) which was pretty cool. 

There is an establishment at the Japanese Garden that offers kimono rental for RM20 per person for those who are interested. They have several staffs who'll help you put on the kimono and take photos around the garden. There are kimonos in all sizes, even for kids =). Don't worry, there are no entrance fees for the Japanese Garden. 

I must say that Colmar Tropicale is smaller than I expected. Food wise, I must say that the pizza that we had there was absolutely delicious and in terms of price, it was not too bad. I love the fact that there are a lot of attractions at the resort and we could have easily spent a whole day at the resort just to try out their activities. Inshaa Allah, maybe next time =).

If you're interested to visit the place, you may want to check out their website [here].

xoxo Mrs Fashionista