Monday, December 7, 2015

Fashionista's Review: Jumpstreet Asia

A few days ago me and my friend, Azima decided to try out the activities at Jumpstreet, Malaysia's first indoor trampoline park. It's basically a place with loads of trampolines where you can jump your worries away. I reckon since it's the exam week at Inceif (where I'm currently studying) might as well take advantage of burning the stress from studying all day by jumping at Jumpstreet. So anyways, we ended up going to Jumpstreet on Saturday night at 8 pm after spending the whole morning and afternoon studying at Inceif.

Wall art.

Jumpstreet is located in a factory building behind Bosch. If you are familiar with Jaya One at Jalan Universiti, Jumpstreet is located right behind Jaya One. However, it shares the same entrance as Bosch. Technically you can't see the building from the road but there'll be signage in front of Bosch indicating Jumpstreet is inside. 

The Main Court

The layout (for jumping activities) is divided into several sections/ areas: The Main Court, The Foam Pit, The Wall, Slam Dunk, Dodge Ball, Big Bag and The Cage. We got lucky on the night that we came; because there was an event happening at Jumpstreet from 7 pm until 10 pm, despite us booking for one hour (8 pm - 9 pm), we were allowed to use their facilities for until 10 pm. 

The Cage

The one thing that I liked about Jumpstreet is that it has a surau for prayers. That means that you can stop your activities at any time so that you can do your prayers. We arrived at 7.30 pm, settled our Maghrib prayers first before hopping off to the trampolines. Other than that, there's plenty of space for parents to hang around waiting for their kids to end their session. There's also a locker area for you to keep your valuables safe. 

Jumpstreet socks

We booked and paid online because it's cheaper. Online bookings are only charged at RM20 per session while walk-in customers have to pay RM22 (off-peak) or RM27 (peak hours). Besides the booking fee, we also need to get a set of socks that are specific for jumping on trampolines (they have rubber padding at the bottom). These socks are sold at RM5 each and you can reuse them everytime you come back for another visit. For locker rental, it's charged at RM4 for 2 hours. There's a longer rental period but I forgot how much it costs.

Jumping at the Main Court

This is kinda how the trampolines look like. There's various ways of jumping, either you can jump at the same spot, or jump from one spot to another or perform acrobatic tricks. What amazed me was that I started sweating profusely in less than 10 minutes of being there and it wasn't that difficult at all (the jumping I mean). However, there are several parts/ activities that I did not and could not partake in, simply because of my own inhibitions and insecurities (I was so afraid that I'd knock my head or something). 

Post jumping. I am amazed my head scarf stayed intact!

We stayed for about an hour or so before leaving at 9.15 pm. It was definitely an amazing experience. Even though I was scared doing some of the activities but I wouldn't rule out coming here again. I heard they have jump aerobics several times a week and I think I'll start with that inshaa Allah. 

If you're thinking about going to Jumpstreet, here's my advise: 
1. Wear the right kind of clothes (and no, my top is not the right kind of top), 
2. For those who are covering their head (like me) I suggest either you wear a scarf that is made of heavy material or tuck your scarf into the collar of your shirt or what I am going to do the next time is wear a turtleneck shirt, eliminating worry that I'd be showing my neck when I jump. 
3. Go to the toilet and empty your bladder (jumping with a full or semi-full bladder is a big no-no). 
4. Leave your inhibitions behind and have fun! If in doubt, ask one of their crew for advise on the jumping technique needed. 

Kids below 3 years old enter for free (if I am not mistaken). However, a parent has to pay for the entrance fee (for themselves). When we were there, there were plenty of kids running around and jumping, it was definitely a sight to behold. I wouldn't rule out bringing Alexa here someday.

I will definitely come again to Jumpstreet and try their aerobics session the next time =). For more information, feel free to visit their website [here].

xoxo Mrs Fashionista

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