Monday, April 25, 2016

Fashionista's Review: Calligraphy Workshop with KLigraphy

Last weekend I had the opportunity to attend not one, but three workshops organised by KLigraphy, one on copperplate calligraphy, another on brush calligraphy and the third on chalk lettering. 
Okay, you may be wondering how did this come about (since I am the least creative person that my friends know of) and other than creative writing (which I love) and photography, I am no artist. I found out about the course online, from the instagram accounts of inezcalligraphy and inksandletters.  Saw a bunch of calligraphy videos and fell in love with calligraphy and decided that I, Fareiny, should learn calligraphy.

And here's my (not so) short photoblog of the workshops:

Day One: Copperplate Calligraphy

This is what greeted me when I came on the first day

A practice pad, a transparent folder to hold the worksheets in place, a cursive alphabet guideline, in two separate jars were Chinese ink and walnut ink, two nibs, a pencil, an oblique holder and a straight holder and finally, of course, my name, nicely written on a place card displayed on a cute little easel. 

Light refreshments were provided by mad_treats. The marshmallow cookies were absolutely delicious (I am still thinking about them until today *drool*).

Hi there! My name is... 

Inez and Jill giving briefings during the workshop. 

We started with a briefing on the tools and basic introduction on copperplate calligraphy and how the whole workshop will be conducted. Our first practice was done with pencil (obviously) as a warm up session. There are upstroke and downstroke techniques, the whys and how to get fine lines and thick lines into our letters. 

We also had some hands on demonstrations by Jill.

The main purpose of these demonstrations is to show us how it's done and what effect should we expect from our writing. 

Not to be left out, Inez also provided us with hands-on calligraphy demonstrations.

Me with Jill (inksandletters) and Inez (inezcalligraphy) at the end of Workshop # 1.

Hope I can write like this one day =). 

Day Two: Brush Watercolour Calligraphy 

For brush calligraphy, we were also provided with the necessary practice pad, worksheets, brush pens, a set of watercolours, fine paintbrush, a water brush pen and of course my name written up nicely in watercolour. 

Briefing on brush calligraphy.

Demonstrations by Jill.

Yummy food by mad_treats. Major love for their lemon tarts.

And these are what I came up with =)

For brush calligraphy, I actually find it to be more difficult than copperplate calligraphy simply because the brush is softer, thus it is more pliant to pressure. I wasn't able to achieve consistency on my upstrokes (they seemed almost similar to my downstrokes). However, I find that the colours made the words more interesting and fun. And it gave me some ideas on making colourful monograms for lil' bub's bedroom.

Chalk Lettering:

Jill and Inez had a lucky draw in the afternoon for two people to attend their chalk lettering session, and I won! Being not so lucky in lucky draws, I actually gave a small shriek of surprise *heh*.

We were given a chalkboard, a set of chalks, and an instruction booklet cum workbook along with a long ruler and pencil as part of our workshop kit. I find chalkboard lettering to be more difficult than the other two simply because there are more styles to think of and as I mentioned earlier, creativity is not my forte. But despite that, chalk lettering is way more fun and expressive. I can imagine doing this with Alexa in the future. 

Among the things that I wrote on my chalkboard. 

My final piece (oh okay, this is actually pretty bad and I assure you that my artwork does not in any way reflect Jill and Inez's talent). 

Okay, so what can I say about my weekend spent with pens, papers and brushes with Jill and Inez? Firstly, I would have to honestly say that it was an eye-opening workshop. There's so much technicality involved in writing and although it seems pretty difficult at first, calligraphy is actually doable for creatively-challenged people like me. Honestly, all three workshops were awesome. I enjoyed my time during the workshop and I find both instructors to be extremely helpful and clear in their instructions. If you are interested in calligraphy, do visit their website, KLigraphy [here] or you can follow their instagram accounts: inezcalligraphy and inksandletters.

If you'd like to follow my journey (and I promise I'll share some of my calligraphy practice sets) feel free to follow me on Facebook [here] and Instagram [here].

xoxo Mrs Fashionista

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