Saturday, April 30, 2016

Mia Mikhail 2016 Collection

Last Friday I was fortunate enough to be invited as a plus one for my pal, Imelda Harris to a fashion show by Mia Mikhail. It was also the official inauguration on their first offline boutique so we were doubly excited about the event.
Mia Mikhail is a three-sisters collaboration to providing exclusive prayer clothes (which we call telekung in Malay) to women. The have launched three different ranges of telekung for their 2016 collection: the cute and colourful Macarons, practical and ready-to-go Travel Telekung and the premium and exclusive range called Regal.

And here are some photos of the event:

The show started with a dance performance. I am amazed how the organisers were able to transform the boutique as the fashion venue. I do understand that obviously space might be slightly constrained but I do applaud them on their creativity in being able to fit everyone and at the same time have a decent amount of space for the runway as well. 

Macarons collection. Do excuse me for my amateurish photos. I did not want to get in the way of the professional photographers so I choose to stay put in my seat (thank you to the organisers for providing us front row seats). For better quality photos do look them up in their website or instagram page (link is at the bottom of this page). 

The regal collection. I really love how soft the material looks and absolutely adore the colours of this collection. For future shows, (if possible) perhaps the organisers may want to look into improving the lighting in the middle part of the boutique as well.

Us with the models and one of the founders of Mia Mikhail. 

Me and Imelda Harris. Babe, thank you for letting me tag along =).

So what can I say about their 2016 collection? Firstly, I love their Macarons range because the colours are very bold while at the same time, the designs are simple, making Macarons attractive ladies who would like to colour coordinate their wardrobe with their prayer clothes. I feel that with such vibrant colours, the Macarons range would definitely be very suitable for the younger (or young at heart) crowd.
The travel collection is definitely perfect for corporate professionals (and busy mothers) who needs a practical telekung (it comes with its own travel bag) which they can just carry anywhere they go (or even stuff them in their handbags). There's a huge element of convenience as well as practical style.
The regal collection is stunningly beautiful. I love the soft shimmer of satin as well as the sparkly flower embroidery on the telekung. It's definitely perfect as a gift to love ones or even as the prayer clothes for Eid.

I had a great time at their show and am definitely proud of this Malaysian homegrown brand. Looking forward to seeing more of their success in the future. To know more, do visit their website [here] or instagram page [here].

xoxo Mrs Fashionista

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