Saturday, July 30, 2011

Another Wedding Update

Bride - Check!
Groom - Definitely Check!

So am I missing anything in preparation for this wedding?

Ah well... The return of Bridezilla? Should any blushing bride-to-be who's only got less than 6 months start screaming under the stress of not enough time, too much to do and not to mention, everything seems so overpriced that you feel like it's impossible to keep to your budget (and not mentioning the fact that the budget in itself is already bursting at the seams?).

So, what have I achieved so far?

Pre-wedding - Check!
Wedding venue - Check!
Akad nikah dress - Check!
Wedding gifts aka hantaran - Check!
Doorgifts - Check!
Wedding boudoir - Check!
Photographer - Check!
Hair, makeup, and wedding gown for hotel reception - Check!
Bridesmaid dresses - Check!
Pelamin - Check!

Seems like quite a lot, right? Let's see the unchecked ones:

Mattress for the boudoir - Uncheck!
Videographer - Uncheck!
Wedding gown for persandingan - Uncheck!
Invitation card - Uncheck!
Comforter - Uncheck!
Caterer - Uncheck!
Bedroom decoration - Uncheck!


So much to do and so little time. And not to mention those that I've forgotten to list out right? These unchecked items might set us back another 20k (if my guess is right *despair*)

Ahh.. Tomorrow is another day and I have less than four months to make sure all those unchecked stuff gets checked.


xoxo Fashionista in Action xoxo