Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Malay Wedding: Abdul Aziz and Izzah Hazwani

Some of my friends have been complaining that they couldn't get a proper look at the bride in my previous post so here are some of the photos that we (me and Imelda) took while most of the wedding attendees were busy eating. Enjoy the photos peeps!

We decided to have fun with the camera and imitate some of the wedding poses that we've seen in wedding magazine, blogs and Facebook photos =). Here are some photos of the bride and groom:

We tried experimenting with the bride's veil =P.

And some family photos:

Bride and groom and Nenek.

Bride's family.

This is what they called the '1 Malaysia pose'.

The groom's family.

We tend to get a lil' bit rowdy sometimes.

I think Daddy is practicing his Kungfu shots. Haha!

Spotted at the wedding:

Mum and dad sharing a private joke =).

Our uncle from Brunei, Uncle Hassan =).

Nisah and Imelda Harris of Masterchef Malaysia.

The bride and her bridesmaid. 

The bride's friends.

The newlyweds with the bride's bff.

Among the groom's entourage; from left, Grandma, Mum, Usu Jue, Abiey and Intan. 

Tuan Haji Marzuki updating his Facebook status =).

To love and wedding and celebrations.

xoxo Mrs Fashionista

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