Saturday, September 1, 2012

Wedding Gifts for the wedding of Abdul Aziz and Izzah Hazwani

My youngest brother got married yesterday and here are some of the photos of the wedding gifts (hantaran) taken during the solemnization ceremony. Enjoy the photos peeps!

Esprit watch and perfume from the groom for the bride. All wedding gifts from the groom was designed by my pal Imelda Harris. Thank you Eim for the well-crafted designs =). If you want to reach Eim, you can contact her via her website [here] or Facebook page [here].

Charles and Keith handbag from the groom.

Wedding dowry (mas kahwin) from the groom. 

Emilio Valentino shoes from the groom for the bride.

Wedding ring for the bride and a gold bracelet for the bride's older sister.

The Quran.

And from the bride, the groom's wedding band.

White shirt.


Wallet and belt.

Givenchy bath towels.

Men's perfume and toiletries. 

In all, the groom gave about seven gifts and the bride responded with nine. Malay tradition makes it necessary that the wedding gifts are sequenced in odd numbers, like five, seven or nine (or more) and the bride usually has to respond with two extra gifts than the groom. In the olden days, gifts are usually given during the engagement ceremony but times have changed (and weddings have become more costly) so most couples kinda skips the engagement ceremony and wedding gifts are given as part of the solemnization ceremony.

Will post the wedding solemnization ceremony photos soon!

xoxo Mrs Fashionista