Monday, September 3, 2012

Wedding Solemnization Ceremony of Abdul Aziz and Izzah Hazwani

In the footsteps of my previous post, my youngest brother Abdul Aziz got hitched last weekend during Independence Day and these are the photos of his solemnization ceremony. 

The groom's entourage.

Wedding gifts for the bride. For a closeup of the gifts and design, click [here].

The groom.

The groom.

My grandma.

The groom.

Wedding gifts.

More gifts.


The designer of the wedding gifts, Imelda Harris. Thank you dearie for the wonderful work done =).

The master of ceremony.

Getting ready for the solemnization ceremony.

As with any Malay wedding, most of the time wedding guests tend to morph into paparazzi.

Lafaz akad nikah or the I do's.

Father of the bride conducting the wedding solemnization himself.

Post solemnization.

Bacaan taklik. The groom reading out his responsibilities in the marriage.

The bride kisses the hand of the groom as a gesture of respect.

The groom putting on the bride's wedding band.

And the bride putting on the groom's wedding band.

Father of the bride handing over the responsibilities of taking care of his daughter to the newly wedded husband.

And the groom promising to take care of his newly wedded wife. 

Mother of the bride.

Father of the bride.

A relieved smile from the groom.

The newlyweds. 

To my dear brother, my heartiest congratulations =).

To love and marriage.

xoxo Mrs Fashionista