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Fashionista's Hotel Review: O'Boutique Suites

As mentioned in my previous post, my current commitments has given me the opportunity to travel more to the capital of Malaysia (that's Kuala Lumpur for those who are unfamiliar with Malaysia) and in that regard, I have taken this opportunity to try and review as many boutique hotels as my budget can afford or at least until I find one that suites me the best.

This time I have booked myself at O-Boutique Suites which is located in a building called Casa Utama at Bandar Utama. Other than O-Boutique Suites, Casa Utama also houses 39 townhouses and an organic cafe called Organic Recipe (which is currently undergoing renovation). 

The location of this boutique hotel is rather discrete, as it is not visible from the main road. You have to turn into a small road called Lorong Lebuh Bandar Utama and the hotel is located about less than a minute's drive from the turning. 

The hotel lobby. The hotel itself is located at Level B2 which is one floor below the parking lot.  

There's a few areas for guests to lounge and chit chat. As I've mentioned before, I absolutely adore boutique hotels and this one is no different. I find the atmosphere that welcomed me when I checked in to be very informal, warm and inviting.

Sitting area next to the lobby.


The hotel in itself is quite a small hotel as it only occupies one floor, the whole of B2. Since my booking was only a couple of days before I checking in to the hotel, I only had the option of a windowless room =(. However, being a frequent traveller, window or no window is no biggie. 

The room. Unlike the hotel lobby and lounge, the design of the room is quite sparse. The room size is quite small but as a solo traveller, it suit my needs nicely: comfortable bed, some space for me to perform my prayers and free wifi.

The room.

The toilet/ shower.

The room came with complimentary breakfast so I headed down to B3 for breakfast. Unfortunately several parts of this level is currently under renovation therefore I didn't take any photos of the corridor leading to the breakfast area. There is a small area fit for maybe around 30 people having breakfast at one time. I liked the fact that the design is an open concept which provided us with a nice view of the surrounding area of the hotel.

The breakfast is quite simple, consisting of a basic fare of fried noodles, butter, jam and toast, steamed pau, coffee, tea and plain water.

After staying there for a night I would have to say that I absolutely love this boutique hotel! Okay, my plus points are:
1) Privacy. Which is an absolute must when you're a frequent traveler. It helps that the hotel is located in a discrete corner within Bandar Utama, therefore this translates to quiet nights and peace of mind. However, I must say that noise in the corridor reverberates into the room, therefore I'd know whenever there's someone out and about in the corridor.
2) Cleanliness and Comfort. I love how comfortable the bed is and the whole room and toilet is definitely presentable when I checked in.
3) Fast and efficient check-in and check-out service. Which is another must for frequent travellers. It does help that this hotel is only able to cater to a small amount of clientele at any single time, so check-in and check-out is definitely a breeze.
4) Safety. The way in which the building is designed certainly ensured that no intruders can easily slip by unnoticed into the building.

1) Lack of nearby attractions. One Utama is really close but to get anywhere you must get a cab. So, there's absolutely no walking-distance attractions to speak off.
2) Because of how discrete the location of this hotel is, therefore cafes/ restaurants are not in the immediate vicinity either. There is a restaurant called Organic Recipe located at B3 but it was still undergoing renovation when I was there.

So the question is, would I go back to O-Boutique Suites? Yup! Definitely! I love how small their operations are, to me small operators kinda makes the whole service go to a personal level (which I love). The girl at the counter even helped me to book a cab (thank you!). I do like the fact that the hotel is very private and discrete as this enables me to concentrate and do my work in peace. I also talked to the security guy on my way in, I liked the fact that he takes his job very seriously and the best part is, he's very proud in what he does (in making sure that everything and everyone is safe). The only downside is the lack of nearby (walking-distance) attractions/ cafes.

Those who are interested to know more of the hotel can visit their Facebook page [here] or website [here].

xoxo Mrs Fashionista

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