Sunday, August 21, 2011

What is in a maid

Having grown up with a maid throughout all of my life, I find that a maid is a cook, cleaner, helper, problem solver, lending ear, and much more all in one. Having a maid is much more than getting someone to clean and cook for the family; it's like having an additional member of the family; an older sister who's willing to lend an ear to your problems, a mother to comfort all your worries, a grandma filled with all sorts of traditional remedies; it's like knowing that there's always someone waiting at home for you when you come home.

The maid that stayed longest with us was Kak Gedu. She was with us for ten years, having literally watch me grow up from my high school years, then all through my university days up until my first few years of working. She taught me so many things about life and shared her life stories, so much so that I felt as if I know her all my life. Unfortunately she left right after being with us for ten years. I don't blame her though, we are not an easy brood to take care of.

She passed away in Indonesia just yesterday. I wish that I could just drive up to her home and visit her family but unfortunately I have to leave for Shah Alam tomorrow. I felt a deep sadness and grief for her passing and I know that Allah loves her more.

A maid is so much more than just a cleaner and a cook. They're family too =)


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