Thursday, July 12, 2012

Fashionista's Travels: Stirling University

I grew up here. About a quarter of a century ago that is. My youngest brother was even born in Stirling! And this year he's 25, so, if you do the math, he would have been born about a quarter of a century ago, right?

This is the road where I used to play my bike. And wait for the bus to my kindergarten. I wish I have the photos to show you, I was browsing through my old photo collection but I couldn't find any photos of us in Stirling. So, no photos. But if I do find them, I'll be sure to update this blogpost =). 

We're finally here! Where are we? We're at Fraser of Allander House, one of the residencies at the university.

The lake and the sloping hill. Okay, this is where we'd play during summer, take out our slide and slide down to the bushes during winter. This is also where we'd try to make a snowman but failed every time (so, definitely no snowman photos).

The corner flat behind us is where we used to stay =). And as kids, we'd be using that window to climb out and play on the grass (we're naughty that way).

Mum and Dad. Definitely reminiscing on their younger years. I think they spent almost a decade in the UK, what with their bachelor's degree, then master's degree and finally PhD. That would be at least 9 years minimum.

In front of their old flat. They were here during the early years of their marriage and here we are visiting the same place with me and hubs starting ours. Coincidence, perhaps?

Us in Stirling =).

Our trip coincided with the beginning of spring so there were rabbits playing on the grass. If this was Malaysia, the rabbits would be roasted meat *yikes*.

Met a fellow Malaysian (he's a Sabahan) who's here completing his PhD with his wife (just in case you're wondering, wife is not in the photos). He was on his way to bring his two daughters (cute twins, aren't they?) to their dancing class.

Stirling University memorabilia.

Dad at Stirling U. Mom and Dad did both their masters degree here and Dad continued on with his PhD. Mom later opted to further her PhD at Aberdeen University.

Opting for a postgraduate course at Stirling University? You can look up their website [here].

Here's another photo of mum and dad.

And even the ducks are out enjoying the spring weather. 

Hubs in front of our flat. 

The nice administrators let us come into our flat and look around. The lady in purple is one of the students who's currently occupying the flat. 

Mom, dad and me =).

And here's hubs =).

Later we went to visit one of Dad's friends who was an administrator at the postgraduate office of Stirling University. She's retired now. 

One for the memories. Her name seems to have escaped me. I'll update this blog and put in her name once I remember her name. 

And if you're worried about Halal food and where to pray, there's an Islamic centre in Stirling (about 15 minutes drive from the university) that can be used to activities and also prayers. There's also a musolla (surau) at the university campus. 

And there's also plenty of halal food around, and the best part is, some of them offer delivery =).

This is The Fountain. Managed by a group of brothers from Egypt (who are Muslim and thus selling Halal food). I couldn't find the website but you might want to click [here] for a review of The Fountain. 

To growing up and growing old =).

xoxo Mrs Fashionista