Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Winning Tweet!

I won! I won!

I've never won a contest before, (well, that's not necessarily true, I have won a few contests before). But then again, everytime I win a contest, I feel like it's my first time winning, so yeah! I've won!

What did I win?

I won a free Custom Block by Sereni & Shentel on their Twitter Tuesday (3rd July 2012) contest!

So this is what happened:

Every Tuesday (during lunchtime) Sereni & Shentel would tweet an incomplete sentence (or maybe ask a question) and to join the contest, we just have to complete the sentence (or answer the question). The best tweet wins a prize! Easy, right?

Their tweet was: I love wearing my Mandy with...

And I replied: I love wearing my Mandy with a confident smile because I know I'm rocking any style I want.

The winning tweet =).

Photo credit: Sereni & Shentel's facebook page

I won a Custom Block. Since I haven't gotten any Custom Block from Sereni & Shentel before, I decided to get inspiration from Sereni & Shentel's Facebook page and ordered something similar to the photo above. If you're wondering, the colors are: candle light, charcoal, buttermilk and black. Hope I got the colors right =).

Am looking forward for my new headband =).

xoxo Mrs Fashionista

P/s: Those who are interested to join Sereni & Shentel's Twitter Tuesday can follow them on their Twitter account, @serenishentel.

Added on 14 July 2012:
And the headband that I picked up from RPS at Green Heights Mall today (on 14 July, 9 days after winning the tweet) is here:

This is the best prize ever =). See you next Tuesday on Twitter for Sereni & Shentel's Twitter Tuesday!

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