Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Fashionista's Review: Iftar at Riung Kuring

I promised myself that I wouldn't dine out during Ramadhan so much this time. If possible, I'd like to try to minimize dining out. The thing is, I have the tendency to overeat whenever I'm having my food other than at home and this Ramadhan, I'd like to lose some weight, instead of gaining them. Anyway, my resolution has stuck so far, so I've been eating out only twice (and this is the 6th day of Ramadhan so I'm feeling pretty good). 

The owner of Riung Kuring (also a friend of hubs) asked us to dine with him at the place on the 4th Ramadhan to which we readily agreed. His previous establishment was Restauran Daun in Satok and the place was absolutely delicious! It wasn't until this year that he decided to start up Riung Kuring and unfortunately close down Restoran Daun. However, you might be glad to know that the modus of operandi of both restaurants are the same, they sell Indonesian food, specifically, Sunda food. Sunda is one of the ethnic races in Indonesia and to know more about them, you can click [here] (note: that post is in Indonesian language).

They're offering buffet at only RM18 for adults and RM9 for children. 

The crew setting up the buffet line. What do they serve? Well, I do think that the buffet spread might be a little bit different everyday but there might be some staples. On that day we were served steamed white rice, barbecued chicken (ayam bakar), buffalo lungs (peparu sapi), chicken feet soup (sup kaki ayam), dhal, steamed fish, four different chili based sauce (sambal), tempe, bubur pedas, omelet (the omelet was mixed with salted eggs and some veggies, definitely not something you see with normal omelets), fried anchovies with leaves and many others.

For dessert, there's also an assortment of traditional cakes and fruits. And next to the dessert table, there's also a stall offering bakso

And this is what I ate. On my plate there's rice, dhal, barbecued chicken (there are two different types of barbecued chicken, couldn't make up my mind so I took both), omelet, buffalo lungs, fried anchovies and tempe. Oh, I also took a bowl of chicken feet soup. See? I told you that I tend to eat more when I'm dining out *sigh*. 

Post dinner, I had ice-cream as dessert. There's six different flavors to choose from and I chose chocolate, mint and corn *yummy*. 

I didn't manage to take photos of the main buffet line as well as the bakso stall and ice-cream stall. But, I plan to dine at Riung Kuring again this Saturday so I'll certainly update this post with more photos later.

And this is what I had on 28th of July 2012:

Bakso. Except for the extremely spicy sambal (which I had it removed later) the bakso is actually really really nice.

Sambal petai and tempoyak. Absolute yum!

For reservations you can call 082-235504/ 016-8503888/ 013-8103888. The restaurant is located just behind RHB Satok (it was previously the establishment for Restoran Udang Galah).

xoxo Mrs Fashionista


  1. I doubt very much that Riung Kuring is the name of the Sunda Dishes. Please explain the meaning of Riung and Kuring. If you said Kafe Riung Kuring it can be accepted but Riung Kuring as makanan Khas Sunda it can be a laughing stalk to the Sunda people.

    1. Hi! Thanks for the comment. However, Riung Kuring is not the name of the dishes, instead it's the name of the restaurant. Unfortunately, I also do not know what the name means. I'll try to ask the owner of the restaurant for you and will update this post once I have more info =).