Saturday, August 4, 2012

Fashionista's Movie Review: Step Up Revolution

I had the opportunity to watch this movie last night and I really, really enjoyed the dance scenes. Unfortunately the storyline is pretty much similar to the previous Step Up movies; boy meets girl, boy and girl dances together, boy and girl fights and boy and girl gets back together. Pretty much the same I'm afraid.

Here's the trailer of the movie courtesy of YouTube. 

There are two dance scenes that I particularly liked. The first one was the one in the art gallery. Sadly, I couldn't find the video on YouTube. It is really cool and amazing (in my amateurish opinion). And here's another one of the dance scenes that I liked, the one where the mobbed the city council's office. 

Video courtesy of YouTube. 

For those who loves dance movies (or you simply love to dance) I really recommend the movie. For those who aren't into dance and hate lame boy meets girl movies, don't watch this movie, you'll definitely yawn yourself into oblivion. 

Oh, and a note of caution, if you're fasting, don't watch the movie just yet. It has too many scenes that is definitely not for those in a fasting state of mind. 

Some info on the movie can be found [here] or alternatively you can watch the trailer on YouTube [here] (in case my embedded videos don't work) and the office mob dance scene is [here].

xoxo Mrs Fashionista

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