Monday, August 6, 2012

Food in Borneo: Topspot Permata Foodcourt

There is no doubt that one of the best food attractions in Kuching is its seafood. Although it's always mentioned that Sabah offers the freshest of seafood (and I don't doubt the freshness of Sabah's seafood) but the seafood in Kuching is equally delicious.

Every couple of months I'd be having dinner at Topspot. I'd like the dinner to be more often but the thought of calories and high blood pressure scares me so we'd be having dinner here whenever our seafood craving strikes. 

This is what I'd have to say my favorite stall. There's plenty of stalls offering seafood but Bukit Mata Kuching (the name of the stall) is my favorite. Alternatively, it's also called stall no 25.

Went there last week for iftar and this is what we ordered:

Oyster pancake.

Crunchy keropok-like pancake sprinkled with oyster and served with salted sauce.

A choice of chili and garlic sambal.

Soft-shelled crab fried with butter and nestum. A combination of sweet and salty and to me it tastes even better than buttered prawns =).

Steamed fish.

Bitter gourd (peria) cooked with salted eggs.

The best seafood ever. All food are my all time favorite. If you're new to Kuching, I'd totally recommend stopping by at Topspot for dinner. Dinner for three costed us less than RM70. Super-cheap, right? For more reviews on Topspot you can click [here].

And we also ordered barbecued prawns with cheese from the next stall. Unfortunately it's not as good as it looked. So, that's not recommended unfortunately. 

A word of caution, 7.30 pm to 9 pm is considered as peak time for dinner so seats might be a little bit limited.

xoxo Mrs Fashionista

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  1. Yeap. Top Spot is definitely one of those great place to have a good taste of food freshness.

    So are you planning to come over to Sarawak again?