Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Fashionista's Review: Iftar at Waterfront Cafe, Hilton

Hilton is another one of those places that I love to go for breaking fast. The choices of food is incredible and they taste amazing too. This year the buffet is priced at RM89++ or roughly at RM103.24 per person. We had iftar here last Tuesday and here are the photos:

Fresh from the sea.


The chocolate fountain is a must.

The salad table.

Their selection of bread.

Noodles and Bubur Pedas Station.

Next to it is the sushi station offering freshly rolled sushi and raw seafood. Obviously, the sushi station is my favorite station and best of all, I was sitting right opposite of it! That certainly made it easier for me to get second helpings *wink*.

This is what you can find at the sushi station.

And this is what we (me and my friends) had:

Sushi, baby octopus, takoyaki (which was not so delish) and raw salmon (which I love!).

Mussels and prawns with a slice of lemon.

Sambal belacan and raw veggies.

Umai ikan and midin.

Roti john, nasi beriani and various dishes.

From the barbeque section, we had otak-otak and grilled prawns (I ate a LOT of prawns that night).

Pasta. Or more specifically penne alfredo. Unfortunately, it wasn't as tasty as it looked.

All the dishes that were grilled/ barbequed was delicious. Absolutely recommended. And the sauces are to die for (FYI: there are four different sauces to choose from). Yummeh!

This dessert is absolutely divine! I don't what it's made of, but it's called omali and is absolutely delicious.

And some ice cream to end of my dinner.

Compared to Grand Margherita (and it's Macam-Macam Ada buffet spread), I still love Hilton for iftar. I had iftar at Grand Margherita during the first week of Ramadhan (sorry for the lack of review on Grand Margherita, there were too many people and it was kinda difficult for me to take photos of the food) and although I would have to admit that the food at Grand Margherita is better this year compared to last year, but Hilton still has better choices of food (the selection of food is slightly less that Grand Margherita) but the food is delicious (except for a few hiccups here and there).

I also love the fact that Hilton is not as crowded as Grand Margherita so your dining experience at Hilton is definitely better and more comfortable.

If you're interested to break your fast at Hilton, you can contact them at 082-223888.

Happy dining!

xoxo Mrs Fashionista