Saturday, August 4, 2012

Fashionista's Review: Iftar at BCCK

For the past three years, I have been going to BCCK for iftar and it has never disappointed me. And this year is no different. Here are the photos:

There's a few stalls lined outside selling Raya stuffs for some last minute shopping before breaking fast.

Entrance to the main hall.

The venue. Surprisingly, although the seating chart showed that the place was full, it certainly didn't seem as if it was jam-packed with people. I think it's due to their clever arrangement of seats and tables. The place felt very cosy and comfortable, and it certainly gave us a great dining experience =). 

First up, desserts:


Some more desserts. Mango pudding, strawberry pudding, cheese tartlets, chocolate cake and many more to satisfy anyone's sweet tooth. 

Chocolate fountain. Popular with not only the kids, but adults too! 

Fruit on sticks, ready to be dipped into the chocolate fountain.

Another table full of desserts.

Blueberry chocolate cake layered with cream cheese on top.

Traditional cakes are also available.

And a definite favorite, the cheesecake.

Next, the main dish:

Beef lasagna. Which was absolutely delicious. Just the way Garfield would have wanted it, haha!

Nasi Arab. 

Barbecued chicken with gravy. 

Butter prawn.

Curry ambal. 

Mashed potatoes. Next to it is blackpepper beef.

From the salad table, fresh prawns and oh, I forgot the name of this fish, unfortunately.

And from the stalls:

Ikan bakar.

Ikan kembung bakar.

Chicken shawarma or this is what I'd normally call as kebab.

Whole roast lamb (with assorted gravy on the side).

Barbecued duck and chicken rice stall.

And this is the barbecued duck. 

And this is what I had:

Cream of pumpkin soup.

From the salad bar, some seaweed, salad (sprinkled with crouton and cheese), smoked salmon, fresh prawns and fish.

Chicken shawarma, beef lasagna and barbecued lamb.

And desserts, mango pudding and carrot brownie with cream cheese. 

The buffet at BCCK only costs about RM72 nett and to date, it has never disappointed me. Oh, I almost forgot, they also serve a variety of drinks (ice bandung, cappuccino, americano, teh tarik etc) inclusive with your buffet dinner.

And if you're wondering, there are plenty more food that I didn't manage to snap photos of like the roti canai, roti jala, ice kacang, mee kolok, a variety of cucur (pisang, udang and sayur, I think), and many more. The last day for iftar at BCCK is on the 15th of August so if you're planning to break your fast at BCCK, I'd say you have only about 10 days to go. For bookings, BCCK can be contacted at 082-392888.

xoxo Mrs Fashionista

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