Thursday, August 22, 2013

Halal Food in Phnom Penh

I was supposed to complete this post last year after my trip to Phnom Penh in September. Unfortunately, it's been left gathering dust since I came back. So here's a compilation of the halal food outlets in Phnom Penh that we found.

There are a number of halal outlets in Phnom Penh, and due to their dispersed location, it is quite difficult for one to vary the restaurants that one visits. We ended up visiting only three restaurants.

First up, Mamak's Corner. This restaurant is pretty easy to find because it is located near to Phsar Thmei. It's located at a very busy street, Street Kramun Sor and I guess it's one of those streets that you have to pass through in Phnom Penh because we seem to be passing by this restaurant a few times a day. They serve local Malay cuisine and if you're missing Malaysian food, it would probably be a good idea for you to drop by. On our visit To Mamak's Corner, we found that they serve what we call Nasi Campur here in Sarawak or Nasi Kandar in Semenanjung Malaysia. It basically means that they serve a number of pre-prepared food on a long table and you can pick and choose which dish you want to go with your rice. Unfortunately for me, being a lover of authentic Malaysian food, despite their efforts in preparing and serving Malaysian food, I find that the taste is a bit lacking but it's not that bad (although I still prefer food that is made and served in Malaysia, if you get what I mean). If you're interested to drop by or know more on the restaurant, you can access their website [here]. 

Restaurant Asmak 81. This is the restaurant that we frequented the most since our trishaw driver seems to have a liking to this restaurant. However I must say that he does have good taste. The food is absolutely wonderful and the ambiance of the restaurant is great (it's a quiet and relaxed atmosphere, by the way). It's located at Sangkat Phsar Thmei 3. I absolutely recommend this restaurant for those who like Asian food like Malaysian food or Thai food (their cooking is absolutely delicious). Here's a link to a review of the restaurant by Trip Advisor

Last but not least, Phnom Penh India located at Preah Sisowath Quay (it's right opposite the Tonle Sap river) and very easy to find. We finally got tired of Asian food and since we were passing by this road on a daily basis, we decided to stop by and try out some Indian food. The price of the food is slightly more expensive that Mamak's Corner and Restaurant Asmak 81 but the food is absolutely delicious. This is one restaurant that I would definitely come back for more. Although as the name of the restaurant suggests, they only serve Indian food. Alternatively you may also want to click [here] to find out more on the restaurant.

It's a tad unfortunate that we were only able to try out three restaurants in Phnom Penh but we were there for a conference and our time was rather limited. I would have to say it's not that easy to look for halal food here (unless you have a Muslim guide or driver) but we managed to find a few. 

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