Friday, July 1, 2016

Fashionista's Review: De' Bams, the new name in Kids Fashion

A few weeks ago I was contacted by the beautiful ladies at De' Bams, inviting me to try out their kids apparel for my lil' bub, Alexa. Naturally I was excited because, for one thing, I am a strong supporter of the local industry and for another thing, these are two lovely mothers who create beautiful products while at the same time supporting local Malaysian businesses, just like I do.

De' Bams was established by two BFFs (what an innovative partnership, I must say) who draw inspiration from their own children. They specialise in statement onesies and t-shirts; all designs are originally designed by themselves and the best part is, they do collaborations with other stay-at-home moms in the creation of some of their products. Masha Allah, I am definitely envious of how much girl power that these super-mommies emanate. All designs have one common theme, to channel a positive and playful vibe from the clothes that they make; perfect for growing up kids. And *drumroll* all products are 100% Made in Malaysia *hurrah*.

So the package from De' Bams arrived last week and I was fortunate to have Alexa with me in KL at the time, so, perfect timing to see how the clothes would fit her.

The unboxing. 

The package from De' Bams came in a brown box, complete with a round turquoise sticker with De' Bams label on it. Inside were two statement t-shirts, one blue and white "I'm feeling awesome" shirt and another bright pink "Playful and Cheerful" shirt. There were two flared cotton pants as well, and I absolutely adore the frills at the bottom of the pants. They add style to the outfit, without restricting a child's movements (i.e. Alexa would be able to run, walk, sit and stretch comfortably in the pants without any impediment). 

What I really love about De' Bams is the quality of their material. The choice of material that they use for the clothes are high quality material. Both the shirts and pants are made of 100% cotton. The material is thick (i.e. not the usual flimsy materials that you would get for children's clothing). To compare, I would have to say that their material is slightly thicker than the material used by Pumpkin Patch. Why I am emphasising on the material is because, for one thing, kids (especially toddlers) tend to get themselves into various situations and if they aren't careful, they have the tendency to tear (or at least make a hole) in their clothing. With the quality of material used by De' Bams, I am very confident that these clothes will be able to weather Alexa's antics. And because it's made of 100% cotton, the material is cool and breathable, perfect for hot summer days (which we have all year round in Malaysia). 

I'm Feeling Awesome.

We brought Alexa to the playground to test out how comfortable she would be in the outfit. As you can see, she's enjoying herself, and in all sincerity, her facial expression along with the statement shirt just made my day!

Love 'em frills at the bottom of the pants. Retro is definitely the way to go. 

We tried the second outfit a few days later, just in time for her flight to Kuching. Unfortunately she was slightly under the weather on that day so we wanted her to be in something that is comfortable, breathable and at the same time thick enough for the plane ride.

To see how comfortable she is in her outfit, we've made a video of her trying her best to give her first YouTube tutorial. Do let me know what you think of the video =).

In all honesty, I love De' Bams and I do recommend mothers out there to try them out. I believe that, yes, it is necessary for us to support the local industry but even more so when they create such beautiful and high quality products. They have more designs available (and for various ages) so do visit their website [here] and you can also stay current with them by following them on their Facebook page [here] or Instagram [here]. 

Proud to be supporting a Made in Malaysia product.

xoxo Mrs Fashionista