Monday, October 11, 2010

Kampung Rituh Labuan

It's funny that a village has the same name as a federal territory, but then again, considering you have England and New England, York and New York, for us here on the Borneo Island we also have our very own Labuan (the Federal Territory) and Kampung Rituh Labuan (and not as you might have expected, New Labuan).

We went there during the weekend for a community service (or more appropriately, the students were servicing the community and I was busy snapping photos, or at least pretending that I was busy so that I wouldn't be called to trim the lawn and such). This is one of the activities that the students must fulfil as part of their assignment for a subject called Personal Development (in which I am NOT teaching), but as their own lecturer couldn't make it that day, I became the substitute.

As I have never accompanied my students to a community service (and never ORGANIZED any) well, I really wasn't ready for what was in store. Firstly, I really did not realize that the weather could be so HOT! I mean REALLY, REALLY BOILING HOT (and here I was in my shirt and cardigan, trying to look the part of a strict and no-nonsense lecturer) but unfortunately my attire didn't really help in that sweltering heat *ouch*.

However, what really surprised me was the spirit that my students exhibited over the whole community service thing. They were divided into three groups, lawn mowing, painting and cleaning the hall. It was hot (absolutely and most horribly) and they were all industrially working (like ants carrying bits of food that are bigger than they are) without regard to the heat (or maybe with regard to the heat, working faster completes the job faster, don't you think?).

At the end of the day, I couldn't help but feel proud (even though I wasn't even in the organizing team and only accompanying them and clicking here and there) but I do feel that they have exhibited a sense of maturity by being able to organize and coordinate such a huge activity.

Bravo to all of them! You did well. There is hope for the mindless youth after all *cheeky grin*.


xoxo Fashionista in Action xoxo