Sunday, October 31, 2010

These are very interesting times..

Despite the cryptic title, I actually have absolutely NO wish to be cryptic.

Unfortunately, I am out of time.

However, I would like to note that, I am looking forward to some very interesting times ahead.

Therefore the CRYPTIC title.

I know! Corny isn't it?

Well, if you must know, I am not toying and nor am I teasing you. However, I am excited at the prospect of my future. Hopefully, things will turn out the way I hope it would be (at least the directions at which I am heading to seems mighty clear in my head).

So, just a quick recap on what's going to happen in this two months prior to 2011:

1. I will be traveling a lot. I mean, a WHOLE LOT. Well, if you must know, it seems like I will be boarding the plane every week (to-and-fro of many different airports) or at the very least every two-weeks. But, needless to say, I am looking forward to each and every one of my trips (so far, there will be three flights in November and four flights in December). And the best part is, I will be traveling to TWO different countries (outside Malaysia), both trips I am really, really looking forward to *wink*.

2. I will be venturing into something new. Nope, I am not telling now (cause I don't want to jinx anything). But I am hopeful for the future and I hope it is as bright as what I foresee it to be. However, I will say that it is a new direction for me (a business venture of sorts) and NO, that doesn't mean I am quitting my job (cause I seem to be enjoying the challenge that I am facing right now, with my job, I mean).

3. My book got published!!! This is a triple yeay to me *yippee* I really, really wanted to post a photo of the book on this blog but I have very little time to spare, hence, the lack of blog entries. I promise I will post it once I can squeeze in some spare time for blogging. This is my second book and by the looks of it, it's my best so far. I am working on another writing project but time seems to be of the essence and thus it is still on the outline stage.

Let's leave it at three items shall we?


xoxo Fashionista in Action xoxo

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