Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Leavin' the Nest Part II

I had the opportunity to attend a dinner hosted by our Diploma students. It pretty much reminded me of my university days where we would be the ones busy organizing activities, dinners and other festivities just for the fun of it. In a way, I am proud of the organizers, the dinner was very well done, the timing was punctual (well almost, you know how Malaysians are infamous on being late, yours truly being in the same category *ouch*), they invited a speaker from Bank Simpanan Nasional (this was courtesy of Madam Carolin as the speaker is her classmate in her Master's class) and there was also live performances from the students. Certainly job well done if I may say so myself.

Among on the itinerary was a gift presentation to Part 6 students (final semester students who will be graduating soon) and among them were students whom I had taught last semester. Imagine how proud I felt (even though I am not teaching them anymore) knowing the fact that these students have finally made it past their diploma and will soon either be joining the workforce or even continuing their education to degree level.

What I can say is CONGRATULATIONS!!! You've made it this far. You will soon be on a journey to adulthood (if you haven't yet already) and you fill find the your university days are among one of the best memories that you had growing up (if you're like me). You have your whole life ahead of you (just like what I have discovered after graduation) and all the best to all of you =)


xoxo Fashionista in Action xoxo