Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Food in Borneo: Pisang Cheese at Tumis Restaurant

Lately I've been frequenting this restaurant that's recently opened nearby Hilton Kuching. They've got the yummiest pisang cheese (fried banana fritters sprinkled with cheese and sweetened milk) and tastiest fried kuetiaw that I've ever tasted (and if you've seen my Facebook posts, I've tasted A LOT of food). 

I love the restaurant's logo! The stone mortar and the arabic alphabet is such a classic.

Tumis is a family owned restaurant managed by siblings Esthna and Dyana Hanni and they provide some very appetizing food and among the dishes that I find to be utterly delectable at Tumis are:

Ayam Bakar Tumis. Roasted chicken served with plain rice, fried tofu, raw vegetables and sambal belacan. What I love about this dish? The roasted chicken, flavorful on the outside and tender and juicy on the inside. Oh, and the sambal belacan... I'd better let you be the judge yourself. 

Hubs favorite, Pisang Cheese. There's actually a number of restaurants in Kuching serving this but according to hubs, Tumis serves the best Pisang Cheese in town. Hurrah! For chocolate lovers, there's also Pisang Cheese Chocolate if I'm not mistaken =P.

Nasi Goreng Tumis.

Terribly sorry but I haven't managed to get a photo of the fried kuetiaw just yet but mark my words, they are simply mouth-watering =).

Spotted at Tumis Restaurant:

The lady who introduced me to the yummy kuetiaw. Thank you Kak Masha! =)

Epit and hubs, yup, we are that antisocial. Our social life is restricted to chatting on Twitter, not face-to-face.

Hubs, me, Ade, Esthna, Rahman and Dyana (she's practicing pirouettes, though for what reason, I do not know). 

If you want to know more on Tumis, they are on Facebook, click [here] for more scrumptious photos of delectable food.

To yummy delicious mouth-watering food. 

xoxo Mrs Fashionista