Saturday, February 4, 2012

Satu, Dua, tigé

A few months ago, a friend of mine joined Masterchef Malaysia. Having known her for more than 17 years, I wouldn't be surprised at her move to cook (and compete) on the small screen because not only is she a wonderful cook, she's also very passionate at what she does. Out of all 24 contestants, she lasted 'til the top six. Wow! Am really proud that she managed to not only prove that she is a wonderful cook (her dishes are not only very, very delicious, it's filled with passion and love), she also convinced the judges that she deserves her spot in Masterchef Malaysia and she persevered despite having to compete under extremely stressful circumstances. 

This is us, off for a mini getaway to Sematan, Lundu in 2008.

Still couldn't recognize my friend? Here's a photo you might recognize =)

Photo taken from Imelda's official Facebook page. Unfortunately may I say that this photo really doesn't do her justice, she looks better in real life =).

Since the show (which ended a couple of months ago) she and her two pals in Masterchef Malaysia, Brian and Ezani have partnered up to create tigé, an establishment that aims to feature a collage of their favorite foods, recipes and paraphernalia. 

Oh, here they are. Recognize them from the show?

Recently launched a few days ago (yup, it's still hot from the oven)  tigé is currently offering pick-up service for these yummylicious food:

Craving for more... Chocolate Cake!

The Little Cupid Package.

I Heart You Cupcakes. Psst, these are red velvet cupcakes. Absolute yum!

I Love You This BIG Cookies.

I Love You This Much Package.

Just the Two of Us Package.

Little Pieces of Love. 

Can't wait to get your hands on these beautiful and scrumptious pieces? You can make your order via tigé's website, click [here] or for more information, you can also visit their Facebook page [here].

To love, friendship and success. 

xoxo Mrs Fashionista

Here's tigé featured in the News Straits Times on Monday, 6 February 2012. The full article is available [here].


  1. Thank u love!!! :)
    I cherish u much!!

    p.s: u r more than a fren to me.. U r my sister :) love!

  2. Love you much dear! Can't wait to give tigé' a try. Will be in KL very, very soon! *hugs*