Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Photography for Impact

Poster courtesy of Alvin Leong Academy

I was fortunate enough to join another photography course organized by Alvin Leong, and this time he brought Jason Ong of Masamichi Studio from Brunei as one of the speakers for the program. The talk is divided into two parts, first is Jason's session, talking on creating impactful photographs.

Here's a lil' bit of info on Jason.

Here's a slight recap of the program:

This is so true. Unfortunately some think that by having a DSLR camera elevates them to a professional photographer status, without knowing that it's the skills, knowledge and experience that really helps in making a good photo into a great photo. Some might disagree by saying they've gotten pretty awesome photos just by snapping to their hearts content, but I beg to differ. You might get lucky once or twice but that doesn't make you a good photographer.

So true! One of the things I've noticed about Steve Jobs presentations (i.e. introducing the iPhone, iPad etc) is that he doesn't overdo his designs (thus the uber simplistic design of the iPhone and iPad) and his presentation slides are always kept to the bare minimum. Photography is similar in that way. It's all about what is pleasing to the eye and clutter has never been popular. 

What is the difference between these two photos? Well, you'll have to attend the talk to know more =).

The one phrase that I'll remember most is when Jason said,

'Photography is a journey, not a destination'.

The second session is by Alvin himself, giving us an overview of the Hasselblad camera which is super-pricy by the way, and he also briefed us on what goes on behind a studio photo-shoot (which is very interesting to know; amazing studio photo-shoots is not the result of one but many).

The queue. People were excited to try out the Hasselblad (which is worth more than a Honda City, by the way). Spotted queuing in line is my pal from high school; hi there Noraini! Long-time-no-see =).

The mock studio set up on stage along with a very sexy model (who was freezing her a** off; the air-conditioning was on full blast and as you can see, the model had very little on her).

For Alvin's slot, he shared with us the importance of evaluating thyself. Something that I'd never have thought of. Definitely you evaluate the shots that you've taken, but have you ever evaluated yourself? Like the skills that you've acquired or the experience that you've gained? He even shared an equation (and here I was thinking that photography would have nothing to do with Math):

Good Portrait = Lighting + Expression

Oh, that means the model's expression, not yours, unless you're the model. 

For those who missed the program, fret not, there'll be another 'Photography for Impact' course being held this 18th of February 2012 (Saturday), the only catch being it's going to be held in Brunei, instead Kuching City.

Poster courtesy of Digital Synergy

To taking better photographs and just being better.

xoxo Mrs Fashionista

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