Sunday, February 12, 2012

Malay Wedding: Congratulations to Airweckie & Muhd Bond

Me and hubs went to the wedding of Afzan Zarina and Zulyazril Fazli (their names are a mouthful, I must say) better known as Airweckie and Bond (now that's easier to pronounce) at Dewan Hikmah this morning along with my brother Aziz (who is Airweckie's ex-colleague and current Architecture course mate at UiTM). 

The wedding is a first for the Zaidi family and I must say, it's an absolutely beautiful wedding (I shed a few tears when the sisters gave a speech to the newly wedded couple on behalf of the family). And here are a few photos taken from the wedding:

The name of the bride and groom greeted us when we entered the hall =). 

Wedding dais by Muluk. Color theme of the wedding, white, peach and yellow. Simple wedding dais, but then again, less is more =).

Pillars of white, yellow and pale pink roses decorating the walkway leading up to the wedding dais.

The beautiful Zaidi sisters in plum (or Sarawakians would call the color engkodok, hihi!) leading the wedding procession. Looking absolutely lovely, ladies!

The newly married couple looking stunning in concrete gray (the groom) and soft peach (the bride) accompanied by these absolutely adorable (and looking slightly cheeky) sisters. 

Pals of the bride. They flew all the way from Semenanjung to attend this wedding. 

Acoustic performance. Superb band!

The gorgeous couple on the wedding dais, all smiles. Don't you think the bride absolutely radiates happiness?

The crowd.

Scrumptious food. 

And the drinks.

Spotted at the wedding:

Aelma (elder sister to Airweckie), Faizah (love the way she styled her shawl) and yours truly.

Mok (Imelda Harris's aunt) and family.

My bro Aziz and his fiancĂ©, Izah. 

Oh, here's me and hubs. Photo taken by Aziz. Thanks, bro!

Izah and friend. 

Yours truly managing to get a quick photo with the newly weds. Don't you think the bride looks stunning? Congratulations dear!! 

Congratulations to the Zaidi family on another addition to their family. It was an absolutely beautiful wedding *dreamy sigh*. I love weddings, it's a celebration of two people who are in love, and don't we just love happy endings? Oh well, this is not the ending, but it's a beautiful beginning; the start of their marriage, and let's look forward to an amazing journey of getting to grow old with the love of your life *hugs*. 

To love, wedding and celebrations. 

xoxo Mrs Fashionista

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