Monday, November 22, 2010


I spent four amazing days in Manila, Philippines. My dad planned a trip for us to Cebu Island but instead changed the plans and decided to bring us to Manila instead. I've never been to the Philippines and definitely I was excited.

So I went off and bought myself a Berlitz conversational Tagalog (the official Pinoy language) pocket book in order to help me show off to the locals. To tell you the truth, my Tagalog is absolutely horrible. So much so that it would be more appropriate to say that I am butchering the language *yikes*.

So, just in case you feel like leavin' for a trip to the Philippine Islands, let me share with you some phrases:

Mabuhay - Welcome

Kumusta kayo - How are you?

Mabuti naman, salamat - Fine, thank you

... Ang pangalan ko - ... is my name

Salamat po - Thank you

Magandang umaga - Good mornin'

Magandang hapon - Good afternoon

Magandang gabi - Good evening

Ang Sarap - That was delicious

What do you think? Not bad right? And if you are a Sarawakian (like me) some of their words are actually similar to ours, for example:

Manok - Chicken

Lima - Five

Lalaki - Male

Bini bini - Female

Ah, well... Those are the words that comes to mind, for now. Anyways, I will publish another post on my wonderful four-day holiday to Manila (and include all the photos, so that should you not feel like reading, you can ogle instead *aha*).

'Til my next post (which most probably be tomorrow night *sheepish grin*), cheerio peeps!

xoxo Fashionista in Action xoxo