Monday, November 15, 2010

A trip to Bank Negara Malaysia et al

So I did mention that I went for a study trip with the students, right? Ahh, well.. That I did. Our trip lasted for 4 days, or approximately 3 days and 3 nights. It was me and 36 students, a frightful combination, but in the end, as Shakespeare would say, Alls Well, Ends Well, and it did.

This is what we flew on. Apparently banks can fly =)

Peeking out of the cabin window =)

It ain't colorful as MAS's but it gets me where I wanna go

We left on Wednesday afternoon, there was no activity on that day, just dinner. Arrived at Cemara and Akasia at around 10.30 pm. Checked in, with a lil' bit of hiccups here and there (hint: rude people were in abundance that night, so, it seems that we didn't get any warm welcomes from anyone I suppose) and finally snoozed off to an early mornin'.

Sleepy faces, awaiting their breakfast to jolt them up

Even though they're sleepy, but they'll pose anyway *aha*

The next day started as early as 6.30 am, left our beds to look for the warm comfort of mamak food, had roti canai and teh tarik and sped off to the streets of KL to Bank Negara (BNM). Arrived at 9 (we were super early, and knowing that Malaysians are famous for being late, we were way off the charts) and finally we headed in for a talk on Foreign Exchange.

Our speaker at BNM

One for the memories. Thanks BNM!

As my itineraries are never dull, we left BNM for lunch then headed off to KL Birdpark. To me, I was quite surprised that KL Birdpark was fun, initially thought that it'd be boring, but surprise, surprise, I enjoyed myself there. And looking at the expressions on my student's face, I think they kinda enjoyed it too.

I love this shot. Do you think the bird knows that it's being photographed?

Bird attack!!!

Left KL Birdpark, headed back to Cemara and Akasia to freshen up before leaving for i-City. I've always wanted to visit i-City and finally I did. Nae worries, will write another review on the place, but let me leave you with some photos of the place. A pretty, pretty sight it is =).

Finally, a peacock showing off its magnificent tail

Finally arrived back to Cemara and Akasia by almost 11 pm and back to beds for all of us (or at least, for me it is). The next mornin' also started as early as 6.30 am, went for breakfast of Nasi Lemak and teh tarik (usual Malaysian fanfare) and then we're off to INCEIF.

The students at INCEIF's library

He is one very funny speaker

Us. We make one very BIG crowd

Left INCEIF at noon and sped off to Genting for a relaxing outing with the students.

One for the memories

Arrived at Genting, immediately went into the theme park and played all the games like there's no tomorrow. But unfortunately, our bus can't leave Genting at night so we have to make do with leaving at 5pm. And then we're off to KLCC to do some shopping (it's the last night of the trip).

KLCC peaking amidst skyscrapers


Saturday is a free day for me, went off to join a photography talk by Pixxawork in Putrajaya and left my students to wander off with the driver.

One of the pros in photography, Mr. Napie

And these are what I took after the photography session. What do you think?

After the talk, went to One Utama for a catch up session with my girlfriends, and then finally off to the airport.


Methinks the programme was a little to jam packed, but then again, methinks me had fun *smile*. Hope I can organize another trip next semester, but this time, with lesser number of students.


xoxo Fashionista in Action xoxo