Monday, November 8, 2010

Small Change = Big Difference

I received some startling news yesterday.

My name is shortlisted to attend "Induksi" which is scheduled to be held at the end of this month. If you do not know what Induksi is, it's kinda the rite of passage before you can become a confirmed staff. So, my name was shortlisted. I had applied for Induksi since end of last year but to no avail and here it is, wedged between my very hectic schedule, a must attend Induksi session.

Looking at the dates (it's scheduled for 23 November - 5 December) I had to alter my trips (shorten my holiday to Manila by about one day, miss my course in KL and immediately attend the CSSR conference right after Induksi), I discovered that I will be traveling straight for 26 days!! I mean traveling from one place to another without ever coming home *yikes*. Seems like I am going to live out of my suitcase in a couple of weeks time *gulp*.

So, with that small change (by adding in Induksi), my traveling schedule starting from 18 November and ending on 14 December will be:

KK - Manila - KK - Perak - KL - KK - KL

I'll be back to my home only on the 15th of December. I have never travelled so extensively before so let's see how I'll take all this journeying stuff.

And my next traveling session would most probably start on 20th December til 25 December covering Penang and Singapore. Super hectic, I must say.

Let's bring out the luggage bags, peeps!


xoxo Fashionista in Action xoxo

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