Friday, July 23, 2010

For the Love of Photography

So I attended another talk on photography.

No, I am NOT addicted.


These amazing speakers, with years of experience showing fantastic pictures (or as Peter Tan would put it; showing off) but whatever it is, the WOW factor is definitely there.

Hopefully one day my work will be as good as that. But for now, it's back to practice, practice and practice!

But one thing I know for sure, I want to join a photography academy!

Not now though, the dosh is not there yet, but definitely somewhere in the near future. And, I've set a date. It must be after I've completed my Mandarin classes. So, hopefully by next year I'll be in a photography academy. Let's revisit this post by July next year and see whether I've enrolled in Alvin's academy.
That is a picture of me!
Raden submitted it as his work for the competition =p

So, these are my photos for the competition. I am so proud of myself! I know the photo quality is not as a pro but I am so proud that I managed to put aside my self-consciousness and participate. Although I am usually very confident of myself, but as for photography, and knowing to the fact that my skills are very, very basic, I am self-conscious of my work. But I managed to put those feelings aside and submit my application. I wished that I had submitted more pictures. But then again, I know I'll try again in the future.
This is the photo that I submitted. What do you think?

To dreams and realities =D

xoxo Fashionista in Action xoxo

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