Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Attended another session of Mandarin class last night. As I am now currently in intermediate class, I have to do sentence construction and also complete my homework.


The homework consists of sentences (it could be in the form of essays or dialogs, whichever suits your fancy) that will hopefully improve our mastery of the language. Luckily I am a Malaysian. The advantage? Well, Mandarin sentences sound somewhat akin to Manglish (if you don't know what Manglish is, it's a combination of Malay and English words put together in a sentence). An absolute rojak of terrible English grammar but it actually suits us just fine. This is a sample of my homework:

Wo you yi ge mao.
I have one unit cat.

Wo de mao shi liang shui.
My cat is two years old.

Ta hei se.
It color black.

Ta hen fei.
It very fat.

Wo de mao xi huan chi yu.
My cat like eat fish.

Ou er wo de mao xi huan shu.
Sometimes my cat like mouse.

Wo hen xi huan wo de mao.
I very much like my cat.

(Disclaimer: My Mandarin is not perfect and nor is this an example of good usage of the language. Definitely my lao shi had to correct a few sentences and those corrections are not shown in the sentences above).

So, what do you think? Funny English right? Well, it sounds perfectly alright in Mandarin and if translated, it is are perfectly usable in Malay.


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