Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wedding Photographers Seminar

Had an opportunity to attend a wedding photographers seminar last night organized by Alvin Leong and WPPM (which stands for Wedding and Portrait Photographers Malaysia).

No, I am NOT a wedding photographer.

Not because I don't want to (that would simply sound arrogant now, wouldn't it?)

It's because I simply don't have the skills. At least not yet.

So the talk featured three speakers, Peter Tan, Patrick Low and Alvin himself. As a newbie (and the main reason I came was because there wasn't enough workshops/ trainings in Kuching for me to go to as starters), I was impressed with the amount of camaraderie these guys had between the three of them (considering the fact that they are competitors in the same industry). I was also touched by the fact that they were willing to share their methods and practices which is a great tip to any novice photographer like me.

This is Alvin. You can check out his website:
Couldn't find proper links to the other two's photos but you might also like to visit their website:

The talk really inspired me to be better and to improve my skills (or whatever that I have now).

Wished there were more aspiring photographers who came to the seminar but then again, for those who didn't want to come, it's your lost.


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