Monday, June 7, 2010

Life's a Peach but Work is definitely not Peachy

Work has been steadily piling on my desk. I am due for a training this Thursday and Friday (in which I am both the secretariat and the trainer) so my hands are a bit full with bits of work here and there. Not only that, I am also entrusted with preparing final year examination questions for both my diploma and degree subjects (sorry but I ain't telling what my subjects are, so there!), the due date is this 24th June so multitasking is a must for me this very hectic month. Not to mention I also have UiTM's Self Review Portfolio to compile and complete by the 20th June and am due for a meeting in Perak also on the same day (which might I remind you is a SUNDAY). Hopefully I can get everything settled. Now that I think about it, I am due to submit my part of the research report to my research partner by middle of next week. Yikes!
However I must admit that this month had been a very eventful and enjoyable one as I had an opportunity to catch up with my schoolmates as some of them managed to come back to Kuching for my friends weddings. It was fun catching up with all the gossip and updating each other with what's happening in our lives. Somehow it feels a bit unbelievable that we are now nearing the end of our twenties and although we are supposedly be all grown up, we are all still the same teenage girls who used to wait for the bus after school gossiping about boys and the latest tv shows more than 10 years ago. Gosh, how fast time flies.


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