Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Work? What Work?

Due to my very hectic two days (Monday and Tuesday) I finally managed to clear my schedule a bit today to finish of my research report (although by the end of the day I still haven't managed to get it ALL done, but my progress is at 75% (am very, very happy with that).
In regards to the course tomorrow, well, it is still going on tomorrow (no, it is NOT cancelled) but most of the stuff are almost ready so I am also very pleased with the progress so far. The best thing is, it will be over by Friday afternoon so that clears even more of my schedule.
For the Final Exam paper, well... I haven't gotten up to that yet. As you can see, I am NOT a wonderwoman (and pitifully I don't even have the looks *sigh*) so I'm currently planning to sneak into the office on Saturday to get that done. That will free my schedule for the following week. I am due to leave for Perak on Friday so I'd like to get everything settled before I leave. At least getting back to the office and seeing a clean and clutter-free table is a immediate de-stresser to me.
What else do I have to get done? Oh yeah, the Self Review Portfolio. I'll start on that one by Monday and hopes to get at least 75% done by Wednesday. Let's see how that'll turn out.
However, I am pleased to note that I am happy about many things today; firstly, my research report is almost finished. Secondly, I am spending tonight's dinner in the company of good friends (we're celebrating Eim's Mum's Surprise Birthday Party) and the best part is, my trip to Pulau Pangkor next week is confirmed to be ON. Praise to God, so many blessings to look forward to.

Count your blessings peeps! It's a good way to start or end any workday. It certainly works for me!

xoxo Fashionista in Action xoxo

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