Saturday, June 12, 2010

Went Shopping for Nikki

Today is a day spent entirely for Nikki. As so very apparent as it is, I am thoroughly excited about Nikki's arrival that I spent the entire day shopping for Nikki (making sure that all her needs are met).

Nikki is very fussy, you see.

And if not taken care for, Nikki might not function as well as she should (which is a shame really, cause Nikki is certainly meant for the better things in life).

So, I went shopping for a case to keep her in (bought that one yesterday night), and then a bag (complete with padding) to keep her in and finally a UV Filter to make sure she's kept safe from harsh UV rays and not to mention to keep her lenses safe from scratches.

Opps, not forgetting, I also bought her silica gels (which is not easy to obtain, mind you).

Now her basic needs are met. What I need now is some cleaning cloth (specifically for Nikki) and also short courses so that I can utilize all her complicated functions and features. I went for an outdoor shoot today (took a lot of lousy photos but some were indeed quite well taken I must say), will upload them later and I'll let you be the judge.


xoxo Fashionista in Action xoxo