Friday, August 6, 2010

Malaysian Theater Review: Cuci The Musical 2

How could you not fall in love with Afdlin Shauki's work? I love his work and adore his movies. Coupled with a completely non-threatening villain like Harith Iskandar, you have the perfect recipe for a great comedic play. Ooohhh, I almost forgot, Awie, you make a great mak nyah (your tone and body language is superb) and Hans Isaac, I really had to laugh whenever you snickered.

It is due to the two dynamic duo (although I am also not indicating that the other actors were not stellar in their performances, but these two are heavyweights in Malaysian comedy), I was absolutely thrilled when I found out that Cuci the Musical 2 would still be on during one of my trips to KL. So, in lieu of that, we decided to make the most of our working trip and bought three tickets to watch the musical.

FYI, this is my first time watching a musical and definitely my first time to watch a play at Istana Budaya. Gosh, you must be thinking that I must be living in a remotely island somewhere in the middle of the rainforest (which is where I am exactly, Sarawak is on an island covered by one of the world's oldest rainforest). Well, it is certainly not a first time for me to watch the theater though, I am no artist but I have starred in a play or two during high school. I was very much excited as I heard that the tickets are pretty much sold out. An indication of a good play is when the tix are sold out (or so I'm told). But don't be fooled peeps, that might just be a marketing ploy to get y'all to hurry and buy tix.

So, what's my verdict? For one thing, for a play, this is a very long play indeed. The whole musical lasts for about 4 hours, so if you've got to pee, you'd better make a beeline for the ladies prior to the show. But don't worry, there's intermission, so you can do you business somewhat two hours later.

One thing for sure, the musical will certainly get you up in your stitches in laughter. It is a wonderful, wonderful play. I love the show, not only due to hunky Hans Isaac (gosh, I adore him) but the movie actually tries to simulate everyday people in a normal everyday activities albeit in a not so normal manner that is ultimately very comical and hilarious.

If you are looking for a reason to laugh, look no more. I laughed for the whole 4 hours during the play. I really can't help myself. Sorry Afdlin, but you people are seriously very, very funny. And the best part is, I wouldn't mind watching it a second time. Gosh, I love art in any form.
For those of you who are contemplating in watching this play, oh please do. I truly recommend it. And for those who are not contemplating of watching, I'd also like to recommend it to you too. No, don't worry, I'm not getting any commission for promoting the musical.

Till next time, have a blast at the Istana Budaya peeps!

p/s: the main cast consists of Afdlin Shauki, Awie, Hans Isaac, Nabil (adik beradik yang tak sama mak bapak), Vanidah Imran (Mizzz CJ), Harith Iskandar (a villain named Wira, how ironic is that?), Jacqueline Victor (Jessie who adores banana fritters, wonder how she'll react to pisang goreng keju which is totally scrumptious), and Reefa (who acts as a manager, boyfriend, mc and mamak stall owner and being able to rap simultaneously).

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