Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fashionista's Movie Review: Step Up 3D

Watching this movie certainly highlighted the point that I'm no dancer. And also the other fact that these people take dancing very, very seriously.

Throughout the movie you'll see a lot of hopping and twisting and jumping and bending of bodies like its made out of plastic. Kinda like Kungfu without the fighting and blood and such.

Yup, this is what this movie does to you.

I had an opportunity to watch this movie during the weekend and I must admit, the music and the dance moves are simply amazing. Now, about the movie. As usual, all Step Up movies are the same, so once you've seen one, you've kinda seen it all.

It's a movie about a boy and a girl and they fell in love and then he finds out that the girl is the sister of his biggest rival (this is like the most predictable movie ever, right?) Anyways, the movie is very much into dancing and choreography so let me say that it is a highly entertaining movie and you should treat it as such.

If you are a fan of dance and choreography, I'm sure you'll appreciate the way the dancers are aligned together. Dancing in a group is not easy and the timing has to be perfect. And I would also have to commend on the way they added lights to their outfits thus making their dance moves even more impressive.

My verdict? Do go, well, why not? It certainly opens up your mind on the lives of dancers, their aspirations and their appreciation of the art of dancing.


xoxo Fashionista in Action xoxo