Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fashionista's Review: Iftar at Grand Margherita

Breaking my fast at Grand Margherita is a must for me. It's a yearly event, and the hotel has certainly seen more than its share of our family moments together. And since I've been coming here for years, I have also kinda noticed that the prices for their buffet dining has certainly gone up over the years. Despite the increase in price (this year the price for their Macam-Macam Ada buffet is RM79 ++ per person) which will total to about RM90 nett. Kinda pricey for a meal, right?

My entree. Healthy right?

Anyways, to me breaking my fast at Grand Margherita is like a yearly tradition so we booked two seats for the weekend session. So, what did they serve? For one thing, they surely do know how to serve a LOT of FOOD! Unfortunately, most of the food served are similar to last year and the year before so if you've been to Macam-Macam Ada surely you'll know what're being served.

Hot and sour soup and Garlic Bread. The garlic bread is absolutely scrumptious!

So, what did I have? As usual, my starter was salad. The greens are not as fresh as BCCK I must say (and also not as much as BCCK), so I wouldn't recommend it. Then had some hot and sour soup and garlic bread to go with it. I must say that the garlic bread was absolutely delicious. So much so that I had to have two. It has just the right tinge of garlic with a bit of salt and the bread literally crumbles and you munch into it. I really, really love the taste of it in your mouth.

Raden looking famished. Sorry, had to snap it first!
Then I had my sushi. My must-have item at every buffet. If they serve sushi I would certainly take a bite. It was okay, not so out-of-this-world, on a level of 1 - 10 I would say it's a 4 or 5. By then I was already quite full (I don't each much, do I?) but I decided to give the stalls a walk-through just to see what's on display. So, if you're thinking of going, you'll find that there are lots of stalls focused on Penang food like Penang Assam Laksa, Char Kway Tiao; Indian food like Naan bread, Dhal and Chicken Masala; normal selection of steamed rice and dishes like Butter Prawns and such; and many others like Seafood Omelette, Ice Kacang, Roasted Lamb (hotels seem to like this, don't they?) Ice-Cream and desserts consisting of cheese cakes, sponge cakes, mousse, chocolate cakes and some array of traditional cakes like Selorot and Kueh Seri Muka.

I adore sushis. I really do =)
My verdict? I would have to admit that this year's selection (although it is similar to last year) it is yummier. Last year some of the food were a bit dry (I like my food to be fresh, succulent and moist) and this year proves that Grand Margherita does it well.
Me and my desserts. I simply can't resist a good dessert.
My recommendation? Only go if you can use Priority Card and get discounts. Otherwise, it is a bit overpriced cause if you're not a big eater like me, it's a shame to pay so much and eat so little.
xoxo Fashionista in Action xoxo