Sunday, August 1, 2010

Fashionista's Movie Review: Salt

How can anyone look so fabulous while being on the run?

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

Yep, that is how Angelina Jolie is. Unfortunately for mere mortals like us, we are not blessed with smooth skin and perfect hair so we are left to make do with sweaty enlarged pores and dry flaky skin *loud sigh*.

Anyway, had the opportunity to watch this movie during the weekend and I was simply in awe of the stunt scenes and the twists and turns in the movie.

So, I'd better let you in on what the movie is all about, shall we? And by the way, the way Angelina looks after jumping from lorry to lorry is simply wrong. She looks so good after being flung onto the top of a lorry, how could your hairdo looking perfect?

The movie started with Angelina being tortured in a prison in Korea. Although she insists that she is not a spy, the movie revealed later that she is indeed a spy for the CIA. Then the movie started to introduce her husband and the life that she was living two years later.

All of a sudden a Russian spy came to confess that there is going to be a killing two days from now. A killing of the Russian president during the funeral of the vice-president of the USA. And the killer is Evelyn Salt. Definitely Angelina was surprised and shocked (by the way, she is surprised because she IS Evelyn Salt). All of a sudden she was running because she was afraid what would happen to her husband. And so starts the action, drama and suspense.

Overall, I would recommend the movie (not because Angelina Jolie is in it) simply because I love the storyline. I love the way how the plots change and the element of surprise in the movie. For me it was certainly a great movie to watch.

See y'all at the movies!

xoxo Fashionista in Action xoxo